Joined Hua Dao Ecovillage!!

Nov 18, afternoon, I joined Hua Dao Ecovillage at last!  (Hua Dao profile on Global Ecovillage Network, Hua Dao on Google map

Many things happened while I was quiet with blogging here. Joining Hua Dao is a leap of faith in many ways. But first and foremost, it’s trust in the concept of “wholeness”, that I should no longer separate my individual happiness and fulfillment from the well-being of a whole community, of both human and nature.

It’s a huge life changing decision but definitely not a difficult one, rather, straightforward. I have found a group of like-minded people who are committed to sustainability as I am, who roll up their sleeves to live and work out the sustainable way. I love this peaceful land and am immensely curious about what nature will teach me in the coming months and years.

Nov 18, 2018, Hua Dao Ecovillage. I just arrived and got a warm welcome. A few community members had been waiting for me. From left to right, JIANG Jing, YUAN Bo, me, CHEN Zhan (Jiancai, not in the picture, was taking this photo) The flowers I was holding were a welcome gift to first members when they moved in two years ago. Now Jing added fresh flowers from the garden to the dry bundle. What a nice connection!
Grinning to a new life 🙂 (I actually have more stuff than the two suitcases and a guitar. I had my appliances and furniture from my old apartment in Hangzhou shipped by a logistics company. They will be delivered in 4-5 days after a 2,000 km journey.)
View from the balcony of the apartment where I will be staying for a few days before my own apartment is ready. Next to the trail, there is a creek. You can hear the soothing sound of water up here.
View from the balcony of my own 2nd-floor apartment. It actually feels much closer in person. I was lucky to arrived on a sunny day. The garden and the farm (farther in front) look so tranquil and beautiful after sunset.
A welcome dinner was planned : ) (Thanks to our chief cook Ms.Tu!) Very delicious Sichuan dishes! Our kitchen serves mostly veggies from the garden and sometimes with eggs from chickens raised free-range here.
I was really happy to see that we get decent variety of veggies from the garden. Our farm has not been certified organic, but the land has been in restoration for a couple years before serious planting started last year. And ZERO synthetic fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide was used. Weeding has been done manually by hired local farmers.
For every meal, main ingredients are measured before cooking. Data (name and weight of ingredients, count of diners) is logged. We are trying to run a cafeteria to provide lunch and dinner to community members, as well as to cater for future events. Gathering such data is necessary to know cost and demand. However, a question just occurred to me: how we are going to process the data later since it’s all on paper. The cafe project is just one of several new initiatives that are happening. They started from simple but easy steps. Community members all show an open attitude to experiment and changes.

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