About Letters

What I will be sharing on the Letters page is my daily experience, learning and observation, as my life in a Chinese ecovillage unfolds. Each post would look like a letter to an imaginary loved one, “dear E.”, who is on the other side of the planet and whom I cannot meet in person soon. From my past experience of writing to close friends regularly, I feel best motivated this way to share the most authentic thoughts and feelings 🙂 So this dear E. in subsequent posts is not THE man. Nor are the readers going to follow my romantic stories here 🙂 . Rather, “he” represents a broad community of people who are interested in learning about the grassroot sustainability movement in China through a personal perspective and a window of a real ecovillage. And of course among them, there are my real dear friends.

Since I moved to Hua Dao Ecovillage on Nov 18, not a single day passed without me learning something about building an ecovillage, and observing my own integration with the wholeness of nature and the community. The two-year-old Hua Dao ecovillage is changing little by little everyday, just like a toddler. For sure there will be growing pains and joys in the coming years. As the whole country is undergoing a societal transformation towards Ecological Civilization, Hua Dao presents a profoundly interesting case to me, one that draws upon wisdom in Chinese culture to build a modern sustainable community accessible to urban mainstream. I feel really lucky to be at the right position to record and share the experience of living in and growing with Hua Dao.

I would like to credit Dr. OU Zhiyuan (欧志远博士) for inspiring me to start this recording as soon as possible. He just finished his Ph.D from Cambridge University, UK and was planning to start a business on sustainability design in Beijing. On Nov 29, 2018, during his visit at Hua Dao, we had a long and stimulating conversation in which we discussed my writing project.

Dear E., we need to be together 🙂

6 thoughts on “About Letters

    1. Dear Ashleigh,

      hope all is well with you and the family. It made my day hearing from you. Really glad you enjoyed my stories. I am doing well here and will continue exploring (inner and outward) and writing.

      Your friend,


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